How to build a scraper?

July 4, 2018

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What is scraper?

We used to understand Internet like a big DataBase of Data. Every image, audio and text is just a little part of information massive.
When you copy something, in other words, you extract this, right? So it’s scraping of information. Collecting it to some Excell or Txt file.
Scraper is a small Python or Php scripts that do this work for us. They can do this automatically and get you gigabytes of new Data.

Can you use some free tool?


Free software is good for everybody who wants to test something. Because programs have a short trial period of using.
In web scraping, there are a lot of online free tools to help you.
10 useful websites

  • Scrapinghub
  • ParseHub
  • VisualScraper
  • Spinn3r
  • 80legs
  • Scraper
  • OutWit Hub

Mostly these services are working like Data Collectors from very popular websites like Amazon, eBay or Alibaba.
But what if you need to get some different data?
Some products from a small Online shop? Or you need to get website Phones with client contacts? Then you need a developer that scrape you this data.

What language is better to develop web Scraper?

Last 5 years Python language become very popular among web

What benefits it has:

  • It’s easy to write
  • It’s fast
  • It has a lot of GitHub libraries

If you know programming language than it’s not a problem to write Script for scraping some web content. I used “beautiful soap” library to get the Title, Images and Text.
It has a lot of tutorials on how to extract different types of Data. Try to google and you can do it by yourself!
I am using PHP language and library “simple HTML dom” for some tasks.
Nowadays JS language and its FrameWork PhantomJS is commonly used for scraping the Internet too.

What language to use depends on the certain website. If Page has javascript code to show the Text or Image than use JavaScript. It simulates the Browser and you can get as many pages as you need.

Top 5 best scrapers in Internet

If you need to get some website content very fast, then use online Plugins for Chrome.
I recommend using next extensions

Or for sure you can test some paid service for automatic scraping the Data:

If your website is too complex or you cannot handle scraping by yourself, try to use some Freelancer job.

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