Is scraping Amazon legal?

June 26, 2018

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I am sure a lot of people know this Amazon like a SuperMarket of digital electronic and cool gadgets. But not everybody understands how it works? What is the market model here?

My classmate bought new 32Gb iPhone here for $350. Cheap? Yes. But who sold him the phone? Who was the seller?

Each people who registered Amazon can place some good thing to sell. He is 100% responsible for the quality. And when the gadget is sold, buyer leaves a review. What is about the commission? Marketplace takes its percent and then you got the money.  So we understand why to choose this market website.

You see the Pyramid

Amazon owner at the Top

The middle place has sellers

Alcommunityty stands on the big marketplace website

Who is the owner of all products and photos?



Can we copy paste descriptions of products?


same rules like on websites

Is scraping Amazon legal?



What data can scrapers get from Amazon seller shop?

everything that is opened to visitors

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